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Networking Events for Solopreneurs
Business Owners
Networking Events for Solopreneurs
Business Owners

Meet, learn, and share ideas

Need just one connection or introduction that will skyrocket your business? I hear you! As a single person business owner finding the right connection can be hard work, so let’s make it easy for you by joining a meet up with other business owners. 

From the first monthly Leiden meet up here in The Netherlands in September 2022, my group has been sharing connections, collaborating and generating business within the group. I am buzzing about the power of networking and hope you will soon. Join this English-speaking networking group with monthly meetups in Leiden, Rotterdam, and Online. 

Entrepreneurs meeting and cnnecting in The Hague
Amsterdam entrepreneurs meeting and connecting
Rotterdam entrepreneurs meeting and connecting

Meet Julie: The Queen Bee

What do you need when you move cities, countries, or start a business? You need a network! 

Hi, I’m Julie, I’m a Brit who moved from the UK to The Netherlands and started my first business in 2019. I quickly realised it was hard to find clients, get referrals, or establish my business without a network. 

You have to get out there! I started attending events, asking questions, requesting help, and reaching out to other business owners who were going through the same challenges. I started to build a network of people who have provided invaluable support and have opened up many opportunities. 

I want to know about you! Your story, your challenges, and see if I can make that one introduction that will change everything! 

Benefits of joining #TheHive

Client Testimonials

I am very excited about the progress I’ve been making since I met you and all your help and support has been invaluable.
Helen Lambton
Leiden Attendee & Bundle Bee Member
Thanks for the meeting this week and it was lovely to meet you and hear your very inspirational story. It was a really lovely group, a nice day, fun event, and great presentations 😃
Laurie Santos
Rotterdam Attendee
I really liked the call the other day too. Nice group, easy chat and a good presentation
Rachel Mess
Online Attendee

Ready to come and join #TheHive?

Come spend some time with us, get inspired, and discover new insights at one of our upcoming events:

Start your Buzz Business Networking journey

Join one of my complimentary online brainstorming sessions Hour in the Hive where you can meet, connect and share with a maximum of 6 other entrepreneurs. A safe space to share and ask question, attendees are from The Netherlands, across Europe and beyond, see where the conversation takes you.

Tried out a couple of events, and ready to pollinate your business? Invest in your business networking with one of our memberships which includes Accountability coaching, exclusive events, collaboration with an established UK networking group, and extras which offer excellent value!

Accountability Coaching – Working on your own and stuck with something? With my background in project management and now on my second start up, as your critical friend we will plan together, and I will keep you on track (also included in the memberships).

Personal Branding – To get the most out of your networking experience let’s chat about your personal brand to influence how people perceive you from your online presence, from creating or updating your LinkedIn profile to where you’re sharing your business story.

Let’s have a virtual coffee.

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